Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best MAC Glosses!

Here I am again!!!

So let's start!


Morning Glory!

This colour is universal. It's a lavender/lillca with high level pearl!

I love pearing ths with smokey bronze eye but it would work excellently with any eye!

Next has to be Funtabulous!

This is a dazzleglass-a gloss with reflect glitter in it!

It turns out a pinky-purple on my lips...

I think it would work on most skin tones too..
Plus this is an exact dupe of Fast Friends from to Hellp Kitty collection..

Last but not leat is Nymphette!
I love this warm pink. MAC descibes it as a sunny, golden pink!
What could be better?!
It looks great on 50% of skin tones...
Best worn with a smokey eye!